Lectores Labor Consulting provides assistance to union leaders through workshops and seminars on-site and in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area. Centrally located 70 miles from the Orlando tourist area and the 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Lectores Labor Consulting provides the perfect locale for a working vacation. Training by face to face learning experiences may be an excellent way to learn, but it is expensive. That may be why so many union leaders are so overworked but under trained and lacking the success they desire.

Lectores Labor Consulting has developed its lector method (método del lector) to allow local union leaders to become lectors for themselves and their members. By utilizing simple but modern technology such as Power Point Presentations, CDs, DVD’s, as well as just merely studying material that has relevance, todays modern local union leader can gain the knowledge to succeed while others fail.

A  goal of Lectores Labor Consulting is to take some of the pain out of the learning process and remove some of the obstacles to learning what is necessary to be a successful union leader. Once a local leader knows how to succeed, the local union leader can share that knowledge with the membership for the betterment of all.